Reports, papers and articles indicating that tropical forest conservation and restoration could offset 30% of CO2 emissions:

Rosa C. Goodman and Martin Herold, "Why Maintaining Tropical Forests Is Essential and Urgent for a Stable Climate," CGD Working Paper 385, Center for Global Development (November 2014).

Bernard Mercer, "Regreening and land-use the missing piece of the climate solution," Mercer Environment Associates (commissioned by Restore UK, December 2015).

Bernard Mercer, "Tropical Forests: A Review," The Prince's Charities International Sustainability Unit (April 2015).

Jonah Bush and Jens Engelmann, "Tropical Forests Offer up to 24-30 Percent of Potential Climate Mitigation," Center for Global Development (November 4, 2014).

Rhett A. Butler, Protecting rainforests could sequester equivalent of a third of global emissions annually, Monga Bay (June 13, 2014).

Joseph J. Ellis and Peter Ellis, Trees offer a way to delay the consequences of climate change, Washington Post (September 19, 2014).

Bronson Griscom, A Fully Loaded, Double-Barreled Forest Climate Solution, Cool Green Science (September 24, 2014).

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